Graduate Programs

In addition to the significant presence of its faculty members at international events, the IG professors increasingly visit other important centers abroad to foster academic collaboration by means of research, educational and training activities. The Institute runs excellent, international-level graduate programs that facilitate student mobility and internationalization.

Information (in English)  about our graduate programs:


About the Institute of Geosciences

Teaching and research activities of the IG began in 1983 by means of graduate courses in fields that were considered pioneering and important for filling the gap in Geosciences that existed in Brazil at that time. The graduate programs became the seed of the undergraduate programs in Geography and Geology that were implemented in 1998. IG also stands out by the multidisciplinary nature of its teaching, research and extension activities, which comprise a broad spectrum of fields such as geology and natural resources; science and technology policy; education and the history of Earth Sciences and geography. This characteristic is a product of the fact that, although grounded in a hard science field, IG has established itself – historically and due to the scientific areas covered by its courses, research and faculty – as a unit that also gathers activities related to education and the humanities under the same roof.

The Institute is nationally and internationally recognized due to its set of academic indicators and is an important center of knowledge in Geosciences. Its 5 graduate programs (Geosciences; Geography; Science and Technology Policy; Education and the History of Earth Sciences; Petroleum Engineering – in conjunction with the School of Mechanical Engineering,) are among the best programs in their respective fields in Brazil.

Research at the IG is conducted in laboratories with the appropriate state-of-the-art equipment. Also, the resulting studies are published in journals indexed in Brazil and abroad. The academic production of the unit is above the Brazilian average, and its visibility is evidenced by the growing number of citations to studies published by IG faculty members and students.

IG offers undergraduate courses in Geology (bachelor’s degree) and Geography (bachelor’s degree) that are nationally recognized for their academic excellence. Although based at the Institute, these courses are taught inter-institutionally, with the participation of faculty members from other Unicamp units. By contrast, extension courses stand out due to the importance and timeliness of the topics and attract a large number of professionals from other research institutes and public and private companies.