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Sciences & Empires Commission

The Sciences and Empires is a Commission of the Division of the History of Science (DHS) of the International Union of Philosophy and History of Science (IUPHS).

During the recent 3 decades, aproximately, several aspects related to the "science, technology and colonisation" theme have attracted the attention of an increasing number of scholars throughout the world. Many articles, and books appeared, and specific symposia were organized.

The group itself was founded in conjunction with an international meeting held in Paris in April, 1990. The theme of that meeting was "Sciences and Empires: European Expansion and Scientific Development of Asia, Africa, America and Oceania". At this conference, it was decided to set up in a more formal way the network of scholars interested in that topic. The newsletter "Science and Empire" was launched in 1991 for this purpose.

The group owes its continued existence to the energy of clusters of scholars in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America. The first general meeting of the "Science and Empire network" took place in the 19th International Congress of History of Science-ICHS (Zaragoza, Spain, 1993). Other symposia follwed, and during the 20th ICHS (Ličge, Belgium, 1997) the network was oficially transformed into a Commission of the DHS.