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46th CBG
The Congress comprises 11 large areas, divided into 37 thematic symposia and 14 technical-scientific sessions. Up to 51 activities address specific topics and allow the submission of contributions.
Deadline April 8th 2012

23/03/2012- 16:36 pm

"A obra de Aziz Nacib Ab'Sáber”, 2010. See the electronic

23/03/2012- 13:40 pm

 Call for papers for Volume 9

New contributions are wellcome for the 2012 volume of Terræ.
Deadline June 30th 2012



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Jorge Blanco

Institute of Geography, University of Buenos Aires

Diego Rodriguez

Institute of Geography, University of Buenos Aires


Logistics, as an economic activity, is an element of increasing importance in the organization of production, distribution and consumption. However, its role in the processes of territorial organization has scarcely been addressed.
In the present article, we propose, firstly, an approach to the relationship between logistics, transportation and territory from a geographical perspective, identifying the territorial components that are articulated in the logistic practices and the
spatial processes they bring about. Secondly, we present the main tendencies and conflicts of the logistic use of the territory in Argentina. The logistic process is mainly guided by foreign trade and regional integration, based on the intensive use
of trucking and a scarce development of multimodal transportation. The development of internal logistics is still incipient, although there are projects to build logistic platforms in different parts of the country. Nevertheless, the logic that guides present and prospective investments tends to favor the main nodes and transportation networks, thus reinforcing the pre-existing inequalities in the territory. From a territorial perspective, we believe it is necessary to redirect investments so as to achieve a more balanced and equitable territory.


transportation, territory, logistic, Argentina




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