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46th CBG
The Congress comprises 11 large areas, divided into 37 thematic symposia and 14 technical-scientific sessions. Up to 51 activities address specific topics and allow the submission of contributions.
Deadline April 8th 2012

23/03/2012- 16:36 pm

"A obra de Aziz Nacib Ab'Sáber”, 2010. See the electronic

23/03/2012- 13:40 pm

 Call for papers for Volume 9

New contributions are wellcome for the 2012 volume of Terræ.
Deadline June 30th 2012



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Márcio Rogério Silveira

Department of Geosciences, UFSC.

Rodrigo Giraldi Cocco

Master of Science UNESP, Presidente


The current scientific literature in geography reflects a growing concern with phenomena involving transport, a fact demonstrated by the use of concepts and expressions derived from the movement of goods and people comprising geographic space. This is the case of concepts such as flow, mobility, accessibility, spatial interactions and networks. However, reinforcing the use of the notion of spatial interactions, without updating it on the basis of a critical view, reduces it to the concepts of flow and displacement. In doing so, the extent of the concept of spatial interactions and its adherence to the ideas of space as a social dimension is also reduced. Such space cannot exist without the connections between material formations, i.e., between the socially produced geographic objects that are involved in these processes. In the light of categories of dialectical materialism, the notion of spatial interactions can be reconstructed and connected to the dialectical conception of geographical space. It also provides an understanding not only of the transformation of phenomena, but also of the internal essence of the objects that make up geographic space.


Transports, Spatial Interactions, Mobility, Accessibility, Development.



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