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A revista Terræ publica simultaneamente as edições online de 2016 e 2017. As edições impressas acham-se temporariamente suspensas, pois os editores reconhecem que a internet oferece formas mais eficazes para disseminar rapidamente os resultados das pesquisas. As reformulações do periódico objetivam ampliar a abrangência, combinando redução de custos com rapidez de publicação. Cada vez mais a revista consolida a tendência de cobrir temas multidisciplinares que revelem formas de interação das Geociências com as diferentes áreas do conhecimento humano. A edição de Terræ 2017 é inteiramente dedicada ao tema GEOPARQUES.

A revista aceita trabalhos e comunicações em Português, Inglês e Espanhol.

Chamada de trabalhos / CALL FOR PAPERS

Uma vez recuperado o tempo de ausência na web, a edição de Terræ 2018 tornar-se-á uma boa opção para publicação de artigos científicos. O volume deverá reunir contribuições referentes a GEOÉTICA, tema que permite acomodar abordagens diferenciadas que revelem as inter-relações entre a sociedade e os ecossistemas terrestres.

O sistema de submissão e avaliação de artigos científicos está em pleno funcionamento, sendo feito exclusivamente pelo E-mail: Nosso sítio web está à sua disposição.

Esperamos sua visita e participação!

Os editores.

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Chamada de trabalhos/ Call for papers para o Volume 15, 2018

Novas contribuições são aceitas para o volume 2018 de Terræ.

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10/01/2018- 16:31 pm

Chamada de trabalhos/ Call for papers para os eventos:

VIII GeoSciEd 2018 – the 8th Quadrennial Conference of the

International Geoscience Education Organisation (IGEO)

Geosciences for Everyone –

VIII Simpósio Nacional de Ensino e História de

Ciências da Terra / EnsinoGEO-2018

Geociências para Todos –

Campinas – Sao Paulo – Brazil, July 2018

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Livro "Geologia do Brasil”, 2012: Reserve já seu exemplar, sem despesas de remessa.

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Earth and Health
As anticipated in the first issue of Terræ the present volume is dedicated to developing the emerging theme of "environment and human health". The leaders of the new International Medical Geology Association (Finkelman, Centeno, and Selinus) were invited to introduce the theme to our readers. Distinguished professionals such as Otávio Licht, Wilson Scarpelli, Elisabete Pascholati, Fernanda Cunha, and various collaborators contributed with research results from their pioneering work in the field of geochemistry, geophysics, and medical geology. To a great extent, these papers mirror the present stage of these disciplines in Brazil and worldwide.
In recent years, technical gatherings and symposiums devoted to this theme were organized in every geological and geochemical congress held in Brazil, not to mention other traditional international scientific events. More specifically, two international workshops on Medical Geology have already been hosted in Brazil, at the University of Campinas in 2003 and at the Geological Survey in 2005 in Rio.

This issue also contains other important contributions related to other themes and the interest and support demonstrated by several authors is being acknowledged here.
Many efforts were made in 2005 to assure the financial support for this publication. Although these attempts were partially successful, which is demonstrated by the support from the Brazilian national oil company (Petrobrás), some significant progress regarding this project can be reported. Terræ Didatica in Portuguese was launched, containing scientific and teaching material and support information, and it is now available free of charge at; the two first issues are also available in printed format.

Both the scientific English portal at and Terræ Didatica are initiatives that perfectly match the outreach goals of the International Year of Planet Earth, proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly at the end of 2005 to be celebrated from 2007 to 2009. In the scope of the International Year led by UNESCO and the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) among other organizations, Terræ and Terræ Didatica projects may be further developed in a more favorable atmosphere. Nevertheless, apologies are due to the authors and readers for the delay of the second issue of Terræ.
As stated in the first issue, Terræ is the journal from IGE-Unicamp dedicated to the geological and geographical communities in Brazil and other countries. The objective of this publication is to enhance communication between Brazilian geoscientists and geographers and their peers from other countries. Terræ Didatica is published in Portuguese to make communication easier with a broader public in the country, specially school teachers and students.

The next Terræ issue, which has already been completed, will deal with the theme of Global Climate Change. Authors are welcomed to send their work on other themes for forthcoming issues, such as Geotechnologies, Energy and Petroleum, and Mineral Resources. In addition, authors should feel free to submit other relevant papers, scientific communications, scientific and book reviews, as well as reports on conferences, courses and field trips.

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