History of the Event

The first international meeting of geoscientists concerned with education and  training in Geosciences was promoted by the IUGS – International Union of Geological Sciences. The congress was held in Southampton, UK, in 1993. The second and most exciting event of the series was held in Hilo, Hawaii, USA, in 1997. In 2000, the third event was held in Sydney, Australia. At the time, the community decided to create the International Geoscience Education Organization (IGEO).

The following is the history of GeoSciEd quadrennial meetings:

International Conference on Geoscience Education and Training, GeoSciEd I, Southampton, UK

GeoSciEd II @ Hilo, Hawaii, USA

GeoSciEd III @ Sydney, Australia

GeoSciEd IV @ Calgary, Canada

GeoSciEd V @ Bayreuth, Germany

GeoSciEd VI @ Johannesburg, South Africa

GeoSciEd VII @ University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India

2018 – current
GeoSciEd VIII @ Campinas, SP, Brazil


Target Audience

The organizers of the event invite researchers, teachers and students to discuss the most relevant aspects of their recent production on related themes. Results of research, reflections and experiences regarding knowledge of the planet, geared towards a new attitude towards the world, are welcome. The intent is to bring specialists to examine and discuss what is being done, in terms of teaching and research in the areas of knowledge that comprise the Symposium. Among the expected results are indications of trends and perspectives for the development of Geosciences knowledge and research in Brazil. Suggestions for lecture themes and activities to be offered to teachers, students and the population of Campinas and cities in the region are welcome.


Organizing Committee

President of Honour
Guilherme de Oliveira EstrellaChairman
Pedro Wagner GonçalvesGeneral Coordinator
Rosely Aparecida Liguori ImbernonFinancial Planning Committee
Caroline Lessio Cazarin
Fabio Braz Machado
Ismar de Souza Carvalho
Rosely Aparecida Liguori Imbernon

Infrasctructure Committee
Antonio Carlos Vitte
Carolina Baldin
Carolina Zabini
Claudio Marinho
Gleise Regina Bertolazi dos Santos
Wagner da Silva Andrade

International Interchange Committee
Alfredo Borges De-Campos
Giorgio Basilici
Jorge Bonito
Luciana Cordeiro de Souza Fernandes
Luis Manuel Ferreira Marques
Michael Passow
Roberto Greco

Field Trip Planning Committee
Celso Dal Re Carneiro
Chris King
Christine Bourotte
Denise de La Corte Bacci
Fabio Braz Machado
Giorgio Basilici
Ildeu de Castro Moreira
José Alexandre de Jesus Perinotto
Katia Leite Mansur
Maria da Glória Motta Garcia
Michael Passow
Rosely Aparecida Liguori Imbernon
Vania Maria Nunes dos Santos
Vitor Manoel Rodrigues do Nascimento

Communications Committee
Cassio Angelo Dalcin Cerri
Celso Dal Re Carneiro
Ronaldo Barbosa

Cultural and Social Committee
Fresia Ricardi-Branco
Gleise Regina Bertolazi dos Santos
Josely Piranha

Cientific Committee
Alexis Rosa Nummer
Alfonso García Dela Vega
Alfredo Borges de Campos
Alvaro Penteado Crosta
Amelia Calonge
Ana Elisa Silva de Abreu
André Sampaio Mexias
Artur Agostinho de Abreu e Sá
Celso Dal Ré Carneiro
Chris King
Clara Vasconcelos
Denise De La Corte Bacci
Didier Gastmans
Eduardo Soares de Macedo
Elvo Fassbinder
Fabiana Curtopassi Pioker-Hara
Fresia Ricardi-Branco
Giorgio Basilici
Hendra Amijaya
Ian Clark
Jorge Bonito
José Bernardo Rodrigues Brilha
José Eduardo Zaine
José Fernando Pina Assis
José Sellés-Martínez
Joseli Maria Piranha
Kátia Leite Mansur
Maria Leonor Bonan
Michelle Simões Reboita
Patricia Elisa Do Couto Chipoletti Esteves
Paulo De Tarso Amorim Castro
Paulo De Tarso Ferro De Oliveira Fortes
Rajasekhariah Shankar
Rebeca Chiacchio Azevedo Fernandes Galletti
Roberto Greco
Rosanne Fortner
Rosely Imbernon
Rualdo Menegat
Ticiano José Saraiva dos Santos
Valderez Pinto Ferreira
Vania Maria Nunes dos Santos
William Zanete Bertolini