Parallel Activities

Confraternization Dinner

Date: July 25th, 2018 (wednesday)
Time: 8:00pm to 11:30pm
Value: R$ 150,00 (US$ 50,00)

Individual invitation. Indispensable to present it.

Available for visitation at the Geosciences Institute building, during the entire event, is the exhibition Dinosaurs (?) at GI!

The exhibition Dinosaurs (?) at GI brings around 100 small models of dinosaurs (including Brazilian ones) and other ancient organisms, as well as some fossil replicas; conceived in order to foment discussions about their sizes, feeding, habits, defenses, geographic distribution and other topics, by presenting questions. The exhibition’s target audience are children but, regardless of the age of the visitor, the idea is to discuss about these marvelous organisms, so embedded in popular culture, bringing the new and re-discussing the old information; comparing misleading information portrayed in movies about the subject, bringing facts about where they lived, and in which period of the past they reigned.

The exhibition was created at USP, curated by Prof. Dr. L. E. Anelli. GI-Unicamp, by the initiative of Prof. Dr. Carolina Zabini, with support from the “Museu Exploratório de Ciências da Unicamp” and sponsorship of “Tesla Concursos”, brought the exhibition to Campinas. At GI, in order to be accommodated to the new space, the assembly received a new artistic perspective, but retaining the original scientific concept.