The event shall have plenty of alternatives of field activities: pre- syn- and – post- conference. The activities will be offered both to resident or foreign specialists, as well as Brazilian basic education professionals and students. The amounted experience from past events attest to how these interactions are highly stimulant and help promote the creation and strengthening of lasting research, scientific and friendship bonds.

So far, the proposed activities include the following tours: 

Pre-conference Tours

Syn-conference Tours (duration 1 day: 07/27/2018)

  • Urban Geotourism in São Paulo
  • Ancient roots of a Brazilian Cycle mountain ridge: the São Roque Group
  • History of the volcanism and glaciation in the region of Campinas-SP
  • A look at the history of the economic development of São Paulo: from an imperial coffee farm to the modern ceramic production

Post-conference Tours

  • Darwin’s Paths”, a touristic, cientific, educational and cultural tour in cities at the state of Rio de Janeiro
    Date: 08/28/2018 to 09/01/2018 (w/ 4 overnight stays)