Principal Investigator (PI)
Bruno Brandão Fischer, Assistant Professor I, School of Applied Sciences/University of Campinas (FCA/UNICAMP) –

Associate Investigators
Cristiano Morini, Assistant Professor II, School of Applied Sciences/University of Campinas (FCA/UNICAMP)
Edmundo Inácio Júnior, Assistant Professor I, School of Applied Sciences/University of Campinas (FCA/UNICAMP)
Paola Rücker Schaeffer, PhD Candidate, Department of Science and Technology Policy/University of Campinas (DPCT/UNICAMP)

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Fernanda Rinaldi – School of Applied Sciences/Unicamp

This research project will be hosted in the School of Applied Sciences (Faculdade de Ciências Aplicadas), University of Campinas (Universidade Estadual de Campinas – UNICAMP).

This is a proposal to undertake world-class research in the field of geography of knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship with particular focus on the assessment of entrepreneurial ecosystems’ evolutionary dynamics in the State of São Paulo. The main goal of this research is oriented towards identifying multi-dimensional determinants of entrepreneurial ecosystems and their respective socioeconomic impacts within local economic systems. The key research question behind these propositions concerns the knowledge gap in terms of innovation-based entrepreneurship in developing countries. Identifying the influential vectors that intervene in agglomeration/dispersion dynamics in São Paulo seems to pose substantial contributions for academia and public policy decision makers alike. In order to do so, we foresee the formulation and application of econometric models, structural equations and qualitative case studies (of particular locations of interest). Besides its scientific goals, this project aims at fostering the research environment on entrepreneurship and innovation at the School of Applied Sciences (Unicamp) from the perspective of business economics. The formation of international research networks is included as a byproduct of this proposal.