Big data Analytics and AI for STI Policy

Members of the InSySPo research group took partin in a event organised by a collaboration of the universities of Leiden, Campinas and Stellenbosch, by means of their departments of science policy, respectively (CWTS – Centre for Science and Technology Studies, DPCT – Deparment of Science and Technology Policy; and CREST

INSYSPO ANNOUNCEMENT: Last launch of the semester!

Join us for the book launch ofThe Challenges of Technology & Economic Catch-Up in Emerging Economies Featuring Nicholas Vonortas and Distinguished Speakers Tuesday, November 30th 2021 | 10:00 am – 11:00 am EST | Hybrid The obstacles faced by emerging economies in upgrading their technology can stall growth, and the

Estudo avalia impacto do ecossistema universitário na intenção empreendedora dos alunos

Autor: Guilherme Cavalcante Silva (InSySPo) / Para a versão em inglês, clique aqui Passaram-se anos, veio uma pandemia, mas uma coisa não mudou no Brasil: o anseio por empreender. Embora o número de empreendedores estabelecidos no país tenha caído pela metade no país em 2020 (de 16,1%, em 2019, para

Study investigates impact of university ecosystems on students’ entrepreneurial intention

Author: Guilherme Cavalcante Silva / Article in Portuguese available here Years have passed, a pandemic has come, but one thing has not changed in Brazil: the level of entrepreneurial intention. Even though the number of established entrepreneurs in the country decreased in 2020 (from 16.1% in 2019 to 8.7% in

InSySPo members offer course on Foresight Management

With the participation of InSySPo researchers, Unicamp’s research lab GEOPI (Laboratory for Studies on the Organization of Research and Innovation) offered an online course on “Foresight & Beyond: prospection, priorization and support to decision making in Science, Technology and Innovation” from July 19 to July 30, 2021. InSySPo’s Co-Principal Investigator

OUP volume on Technology and Economic Catch-Up released

After four years of work, several days of discussion in conferences and workshops, and fruitful debates, the volume “The Challenges of Technology and Economic Catch-Up in Emerging Economies” was finally released on June 2021. The book is published by Oxford University Press and contains 16 chapters split into 4 book

Workshop series on Technology Upgrading comes to an end on a high note

The event on April 22 concluded a journey that brought together around 400 participants from 56 countries Six months after the first edition on the beginning of November 2020, the workshop series on “Technology Upgrading and Economic Catch-Up” has come to an end, leaving behind many interesting discussions that reached

Workshop series “Technology Upgrading and Economic Catch-Up”: final edition in April

After five months and four successful editions gathering more almost 350 participants from over 50 countries, the workshop series “Technology Upgrading and Economic Catch-Up” is coming to an end in April. The final edition of the series is taking place on April 22, from 9am to 11am (São Paulo local

2021 edition of Bromley Memorial hosts US NSF Director

Event organized in honour of Dr. Allan Bromley and his contributions to STI policy will be held virtually this year The 2021 Bromley Memorial will have Sethuraman Panchanathan, the Director of the US National Science Foundation (NSF) as its main speaker. He has a distinguished career in science, technology, engineering, and

Innovation at all costs? Producing a methodology for evaluating technology parks in Brazil

Document points to the importance of advancing technology parks in the country…as long as it also encompasses its entire ecosystems Author: Guilherme Cavalcante Silva It is universally recognized that one of the main factors in socioeconomic growth and its dynamization is investment in innovation processes. This is especially true for

Inovação a todo custo? Produzindo uma metodologia de avaliação dos parques tecnológicos no Brasil

Documento aponta para a importância do avanço dos parques tecnológicos no país…desde que este abranja também todo o seu ecossistema Author: Guilherme Cavalcante Silva Há um reconhecimento universal de que um dos principais fatores no crescimento socioeconômico e na sua dinamização é o investimento em processos de inovação. Isso vale

March edition of the workshop series discusses Innovation Policy

The second to last edition of the “Technology Upgrading and Economic Catch-Up” online workshop series will discuss innovation policy and its implications for technology upgrading. The event is taking place on March 25, from 9am to 11am (São Paulo, Brazil local time). The workshop series is the result of a

DataGovHub begins 2021 with a webinar on data governance

Following a series of webinars, kicked off from the beginning of 2020, the DataGovHub opened registrations for its first webinar of 2021 discussing big data governance. In this one-hour webinar, two speakers will present different visions of data governance and describe strategies to address individual and collective harms. The webinar

Workshop series on Technology Upgrading discusses sustainable development and green growth in the February edition

Following the discussions on the industry-level (you can watch the full video of the second edition below), the “Technology Upgrading and Economic Catch-Up” online workshop series moves to new paradigms of technology upgrading, with special attention given to sustainability, on its third edition, to take place on February 25, from

Empreendedorismo, inovação e relação universidade-indústria em jogo: por dentro do último relatório de avaliação do Pipe

Relatório de avaliação da Pesquisa Inovativa em Pequenas Empresas (Pipe), programa da Fapesp que apoia a união entre pesquisa e empreendedorismo, esclarece dificuldades, contextos e possibilidades da relação universidade-indústria e empreendedorismo brasileiro O impacto da pandemia de Covid-19 na atividade empreendedora e de startups ainda é incerto, quando se trata

Technology Capability and Sectoral Catch-Up is the topic of the December edition of the workshop series

The event expands previous discussions on technology capabilities with examples from Brazil and South Korea Following the discussions at a country level of the first workshop (you can watch it in full below), the “Technology Upgrading and Economic Catch-Up” online workshop series moves to the industry level on its second

Microeconomics, innovation, and the underrated effects of the US-China trade wars: a conversation with Nicholas Vonortas (GWU)

“The US-China conflict is not going away sooner than the pandemic”, alerts Vonortas, who is co-organizing a series of workshops on the issues around technology upgrading and economic catch-up Amidst a year of general recession everywhere, with slow signs of economic recovery coming from developed and developing countries, many are

InSysPo co-organizes series of workshops on “Technology Upgrading and Economic Catch-Up”

Event brings together contributions from leading experts in the fields of Economics and Innovation FREE REGISTRATION AVAILABLE: The São Paulo Excellence Chair program InSysPo (Innovation Systems, Strategies, and Policy), part of the Department of Science and Technology Policy, University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil, is one of the co-organizers of

Science in times of Covid-19: a conversation with Rodrigo Costas (CWTS/Leiden University)

“Science communication is more important than ever”, says one of the participants of an international series of webinars on doing science during the pandemic In times of social distancing, curfews, and quarantines, scientists are busier than ever. Be it in collaborative efforts to provide a vaccine in a record-breaking speed

Registration available for webinar on Science during Covid-19, organized by InSysPo members

With the assistance of two InSysPo collaborators, Prof. Rodrigo Costas and Prof. Robert Tijssen, both from CWTS Leiden University, the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS/Leiden University) and the TIB Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology are organizing the second edition of the webinar “Doing science in times

New FAPESP Direct Doctoral Fellowships available

InSysPo is offering several FAPESP Direct Doctoral fellowships linked to the program’s Research Projects. The deadline for application is November 30, 2020. InSySPo and UNICAMP Science and Technology Policy Graduation Program have established a partnership to receive candidates interested in applying for InSySPo fellowship. Prospective applicants should check the Open

How are Governments Encouraging Competitiveness in AI?

With Reema Patel, Head of Public Engagement at the Ada Lovelace Institute. The Ada Lovelace Institute (UK) is an independent research and deliberative body with a mission to ensure data and AI work for people and society; Dr. Melissa Flagg, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) and

New Post-Doctoral Positions at InSySPo 2020

The Department of Science and Technology Policy (DPCT) of the University of Campinas (UNICAMP) ( hereby announces the opening of five post-doctoral fellowships in: (1) System Innovation; (2) Technology Upgrading, Catching-up; (3) Research and Innovation Policy Design, Implementation, Evaluation; (4) Ecosystems for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; (5) Big Data for Assessing

Agência FAPESP – Inovação deve ser contínua, afirmam especialistas

Maria Fernanda Ziegler | Agência FAPESP – O termo armadilha da renda média foi cunhado na literatura econômica nos anos 2000 para designar aqueles países que, após superarem a renda baixa, apresentavam um crescimento econômico insuficiente para dar o próximo salto. Entre os dilemas para cair nessa armadilha estariam questões

Obituary – Luigi Orsenigo

The InSySPo team would like to use the words of Orsenigo’s great friend, Franco Malerba, as a tribute for him: “It is with infinite and deep sorrow that we have to announce that our friend, colleague and brother Gigi Orsenigo passed away. We will miss him incredibly. He will always

Insyspo’s spin-off project

THE ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY OF ENTREPRENEURIAL ECOSYSTEMS IN THE STATE OF SÃO PAULO Principal Investigator (PI) Bruno Brandão Fischer, Assistant Professor I, School of Applied Sciences/University of Campinas (FCA/UNICAMP) – Associate Investigators Cristiano Morini, Assistant Professor II, School of Applied Sciences/University of Campinas (FCA/UNICAMP) Edmundo Inácio Júnior, Assistant Professor I,

INCOBRA’s Open Consultation to R&I actors

The INCOBRA consortium is inviting members of the scientific research and applied sciences community as well as industry representatives to take part in our Open Consultation. Valued contributions will help to shape the agenda of the project as we continue to foster cooperative Research and Innovation between Brazil and the