With the participation of InSySPo researchers, Unicamp’s research lab GEOPI (Laboratory for Studies on the Organization of Research and Innovation) offered an online course on “Foresight & Beyond: prospection, priorization and support to decision making in Science, Technology and Innovation” from July 19 to July 30, 2021. InSySPo’s Co-Principal Investigator Sergio Salles-Filho and Associate Investigator Adriana Bin organized the event, that also counted with courses from Nicholas Vonortas (InSySPo’s Principal Investigator) and Vinicius Muraro (InSysPo collaborator).

A total of 23 students from major public and private organizations in Brazil and Latin America joined the course. During the course, they had the chance to develop proposals for prospection and prioritization of themes such as office of the future, digital health and post-pandemic public education following a practical step-by-step learned in the course.

The 17 different sessions covered the main concepts, definitions, schools, frontiers, challenges, and tools of prospecting and prioritization. The topics were also approached from the viewpoints of policy and innovation design in different countries. A special attention was also given to corporate foresight, data, and opinion-based tools from an economic, multi-criteria, and mixed-methods perspective.

You can check some prints from the course below: