The Department of Science and Technology Policy offers a post-doctoral fellowship in entrepreneurship and innovation policy. This post-doctoral fellowship is attached to the São Paulo Excellence Chair (SPEC) “Innovation Systems, Strategies and Policy” (InSySPo) ( established at DPCT by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). This is a full-time position for one year. The post-doctoral researcher will conduct research on the formation and performance of knowledge-intensive enterprises (KIEs) in strategic sectors for Brazil such as energy, information and communication technologies, transportation (especially automotive and aerospace), agrobusiness, and knowledge-intensive business services. The coverage will be international. The specific research program has two main objectives:

  • At the micro level, it focuses on the very act of knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship, its defining characteristics, boundaries, scope and incentives. It examines knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship and innovation in both high technology as well as in low technology sectors and in services. In addition to science and technology and the supply side, it pays a lot of attention to the demand side and to the social and cultural dimensions of entrepreneurship. It also examines in depth the organization, networks and strategies related to knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship.
  • At the policy level, the program takes a systemic approach aiming at linking and integrating diverse sets of policies that influence the creation and growth of innovative entrepreneurial ventures. A core aim is to translate the analytical findings into diagnostic tools for country and sector specific assessments of knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship and into concrete operational policy recommendations by taking into account the idiosyncrasies of different regional and sectoral systems of innovation in Brazil.

The work will involve theoretical analysis and empirical analysis and will be undertaken in collaboration with Professors Sérgio Queiroz (UNICAMP) and Nicholas Vonortas (George Washington University, USA; and UNICAMP). Duties include carrying out research on grants/contracts, theory development, data collection and analysis around the world, authoring papers and reports, publishing in the peer-reviewed literature, participating in seminars and work groups, and collaborating on research grant/contract applications. They also include assistance in organizing an international workshop and conference in the first semester of 2019.

Importantly, the post-doctoral researcher will serve as one of the in-house administrators of the SPEC program at DPCT. This program deals with various aspects of technology and innovation policy and includes at its core the faculty members mentioned above.

Successful applicants should have a doctoral degree in industrial economics, business management, sociology, or other relevant disciplinary or interdisciplinary subject area. Strong background in the socio-economic aspects of technological advancement and innovation and in STI policy is highly desirable. Candidates must have less than five years’ experience post-doctorate, a demonstrated record of individual initiative in research, and strong analytical skills. Preference will be given to applicants whose training, skills and research interest’s best align with those of InSySPo faculty members, especially Professors Vonortas and Queiroz.

The remuneration package is set in accordance with FAPESP’s standards ( and includes benefits and relocation expenditures.

This round of applications is open until August 31st, 2018. Decisions will be made by September 20th 2018.

Interested parties are encouraged to communicate with the project and participating faculty and scientists for more information. They can reach Professor Vonortas by email ( or telephone at +1-202-378-6230. Apply electronically through the project’s website. Applications must include cover letter, current curriculum vitae, statement of research interests, names of three references, and a concise description of proposed research under the fellowship (see form bellow).
DPCT is located on the main campus of UNICAMP in the city of Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brazil. Campinas is about 93 kilometers northwest of the city of São Paulo. The working language of the postdoctoral position is English. Knowledge of at least basic Portuguese is desirable but not required.