Arc-WofE User Guide




Installation Installtion Instructions
Weights of Evidence Model An introduction to the weights of evidence method.
ArcView and Spatial Analyst Some ArcView basics
Weights of Evidence Extension: Arc-WofE Arc-WofE's Menu Functions
Glossary Definitions of key terms.
Equations Equations used in Arc-WofE
Files created by Arc-WofE Files created by Arc-WofE

Menu Functions

Setting Analysis Parameters Parameters
Select Points by Location About selecting points by location
Calculating Theme Weights Information about calculating weights
Creating Charts Information about creating charts.
Generalizing Evidential Themes Information about generalizing.
Calculating Response Theme How to create a response theme.
Use Existing Weights/Variances Tables How to input previously calculated weights to a new study area.
Associate Responses With Points What is the probability at the training or other point locations.
Buffer Features Buffer point, line or polygon features.
Extract Contacts Extract contacts from vector or raster polygons
Add bearings Determine bearings of line features
Help Help on help

Symbolization Tool Menu and Miscellaneous Controls Extras

N.B. Readers are referred to the Glossary for definitions of some terms used in Arc-WofE.

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