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Global Value Chains (GVCs) for Local Knowledge Creation and Competitiveness” [August 23, 2017; 10:00-12:00]



Dr. KEUN LEE 李根 (
Professor (Economics Department), Seoul National University;
Director of Center for Economic Catch-up (;
An Editor for Research Policy


Keun Lee is a Professor of Economics at the Seoul National University, and the founding director of the Center for Economic Catch-up. He has been awarded the 2014 Schumpeter Prize for his monograph on Schumpeterian Analysis of Economic Catch-up: Knowledge, Path-creation and the Middle Income Trap (2013 Cambridge Univ. Press). He is now the President of the International Schumpeter Society, a member of the Committee for Development Policy of UN, an editor of Research Policy, a council member of the World Economic Forum, and a member of the governing board of Globelics. He obtained Ph.D. in economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and had working experience at the World Bank, University of Aberdeen, and the East West Center, Hawaii. One of his most cited articles is a paper on Korea’s Technological Catch-up published in Research Policy, with 955 or so citations (Google Scholar). His H-index is now 33, with 80 papers with more than 10 citations.

Authored:  Economic Catch-up and Technological Leapfrogging: Path to Development & Macroeconomic Stability in Korea (2016, E Elgar); Schumpeterian analysis of Economic catch-up (Cambridge Univ P. 2013: awarded Schumpeter Prize).
Author’s citations:

This paper presents a hypothesis stating that at the initial stage of growth by a latecomer, increased participation in GVC is necessary to learn foreign knowledge and production skills, that functional upgrading at middle-income stage requires effort to seek separation and independence from existing foreign-dominated GVCs, and that latecomer firms and economies might have to seek reintegration back into the GVC after establishing their own local value chains. This paper verifies this hypothesis by looking into firm cases of upgrading in Korea and Brazil. Trends in FVA (foreign-value added share in gross exports) in successful catching-up economies are consistent with this pattern. Regression results confirm a negative correlation between local creation of knowledge and FVA values, such that increased local knowledge is a basis for increasing (reducing) domestic value-added (foreign value-added). This finding implies that building local innovation systems is the key to upgrade via GVC.

The Forum is organized by the São Paulo Excellence Chair in Innovation Systems, Strategy and Policy (InSySPo) and UNICAMP’s Department of Science and Technology Policy with generous funding support by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).

The location of the activity is the main campus of UNICAMP adjascent to the city of Campinas, located about 93 kilometers northwest of the city of São Paulo. This provides access to two major international airports in the area, including Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo (the busiest airport of Brazil) and Viracopos Airport in Campinas.


Wednesday, August 23, 10:00 to 12:30.