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Dichotomous options in Earth Sciences Education: brief reflection

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Paulo C. Soares
Earth Sciences, Federal University of Parana. Curitiba, Brazil. -

Abstract: The explosion and dissemination of knowledge and technologies is one of the characteristics of the current time. The teacher is no longer the reference of knowledge or competence. The expansion and deepening of concepts and methods grow exponentially. Earth-related issues are global sustainability concerns. Now the claim is to pick up and deal with the information to solve specific problems. The expert apps have become powerful tools for learning and professional operations. There is a new student with different problems, social environment and motivations, especially his appreciation for autonomy, in an immense diversity of offers and demands. What does this change in the curricula and for the teacher and student in the classroom?

Keywords: Teaching-learning, Environment issues, expert apps, student motivation.

DOI: 10.20396/td.v14i3.8653528


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